Getting the Most Out of a Small Kitchen

If you’re planning on a complete refurb and you want to make the most of the space because it’s quite small, then this week’s post should be of interest to you. We’re going to be talking about how to make the most of a small kitchen and maximise the space. A small kitchen doesn’t have to be a disaster, with some imagination and clever kitchen design, you can create the perfect kitchen that doesn’t look cramped and tiny. If you’re struggling with the size of your kitchen, then you can’t afford to miss our tips and guidance this week.


If you have a small kitchen, then darker colours aren’t a good idea. They will only help to make your kitchen look even smaller so opt for brighter neutral shades. It will help it look fresh and more spacious, you can also choose a fitted kitchen in a lighter colour too so you really lighten up the entire room.


Lighting is crucial in any room, but in an area where there’s not much space, where you place the lights and what type of lights you use is something you should think about carefully. Opt for brighter lights in the cooking and food prep area with lights over worktop surfaces so you can see what you’re doing. In the dining area, if you eat in the kitchen, use more ambient, softer lighting for a more relaxed feel.

Storage Space

Make the most of storage space in the kitchen, and by doing so you’ll be able to free up your workspaces so there’s less clutter lying about. When there’s less clutter you’ll have more space in which to work and prepare food and your kitchen will seem like it has more room. You can also create open-out cupboard spaces where you can store things that would normally have to sit on top of a work surface. Because they close into a fitted space it means they never take up much room and can be shut away when not in use.


More space can be created by removing white goods and placing them in a dedicated room. This way by removing the washing machine and tumbler dryer, you’ll create more storage space.

Stand-Out Features

Although you’re aiming for a more light and minimalist approach you can still have one or two signature items in your kitchen that gives it that unique touch. You could opt for some impressive tiles or perhaps elegant flooring that gives your kitchen that final edge.

You could aim to create on impressive sink with a tap feature so your kitchen really stands out, while still having those light and more spacious elements.

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Navid Hamzeloo