Tips For Choosing A Luxury Kitchen Designer

If you’re looking to create a luxury kitchen design, then it’s going to be important to you to choose someone who has experience in creating luxury kitchens. They should come with the expertise, creativity and skills to create something really special, so what should you look out for?

You’ll need someone who can work to time and also be aware of your budget and not go over, a skilled designer who can use the right materials to achieve the look you’re trying to achieve.


Always look for word-of-mouth recommendations. Ask your friends, family if they’ve ever used anyone that worked on their kitchen and did an excellent job as well as providing good customer service. Also try and act on any reviews you see on their website, speak to previous clients and ask them what they thought of their work.

Look out for any information on their website on awards and reviews, have they received industry awards, check them out, are they real, and if they are, this means your potential kitchen designers are providing work to a high standard.

An excellent portfolio

They should come with an excellent portfolio, but ask them to see it, don’t just rely on what you see on their website. What you should be looking for is variation, versatility and a high standard of workmanship. Are they adaptable, do they have a full understanding of their client’s needs?

Ability to feedback on your ideas

Once you’ve found a potential kitchen designer you’d like to work with, you want to find someone who will give sensible feedback on your ideas. If they don’t feel some of it will work due to a variety of reasons e.g. the size of the kitchen, the choice of materials, then they should be experienced enough to be able to offer advice on a feasible, practical alternative. He/She should be willing to help you create a kitchen that’s as close as possible to your ideal, and encourage you to accept alternative ideas that are perhaps similar to your original ones even if they can’t be the same.

Flexible and Skilled

They should also be flexible and as the process develop there may be changes, perhaps you’ll have changed your mind about certain aspect and want to suggest subtle changes to the overall design, if they’re a skilled craftsman, then they should be able and willing to accommodate any changes. They should understand your vision and give you feedback on any alternative concepts either they or you come up with.


As we mentioned earlier budget is important, and if you have one you need to stick to, then your designer should be able to complete your vision and ideal kitchen within budget. If they can’t then they should be able to explain sensibly why this isn’t the case and offer alternatives that work just as well.

Access to great materials

A good kitchen designer, if they’re working towards a luxury high-end kitchen, should have access to the best materials and brands. They should be able to create finishes and work with innovative materials that give your kitchen the wow factor you’ve been looking for.

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Navid Hamzeloo