Must-Have Luxury Kitchen Design Features

If you’re refurbishing your kitchen, then there are certain must-have items you need to make it a complete whole. There are some features which are a necessity if you’re trying to create a luxury kitchen, and we’ve got it covered in today’s post, so read on to find out what items you should be thinking about.

Double Oven

Yes, if you’re going to give the impression of opulence then a double oven is the way to go. As well as helping to provide an abundance of food it will also provide some practical advantages such as providing one main oven which won’t cause any bending and a second, one beneath it for addition cooking and baking.

It probably makes sense to spend a little more on your cooking appliance especially if you enjoy cooking and baking. It’s popular to add restaurant features to a kitchen, so a few high-end items so you can bring another level of expertise to the table is a good option.


A dishwasher is a must for a luxury kitchen helping you to keep on top of dirty dishes, and if you want, why not create dishwasher drawers instead of a dishwasher, they’re perfectly useful for cleaning a few dishes after dinner.

Clear Work Surfaces

If you’re going to create a luxury kitchen, then plenty of clean open space with plenty of work surfaces is a good idea. Stainless steel is one option as it’s easy to clean and it’s not too expensive, while still giving the illusion of luxury. If you feel it’s too cold and clinical then why not go for granite or stone, or perhaps wood even. Create enough work to prepare food, cook, read, entertain or work, it’s your kitchen so create as much space as you need.


Although we’ve already discussed the advantages of a dishwasher, they’re not always ideal. Iron cookware, quality knives and non-stick items can’t go in one, so you’ll always need a sink, and the bigger the better. A large, deep professional kitchen is always a great option, because you can wash all these types of items in it, and if you invest in a strong, industry type hose tap you’ll be able to really blast away stubborn stains.

Warming Drawer

A warming drawer is great for keeping food warm and for helping dough to rise and of course you can use them to heat up the plates prior to serving.


When you’re cooking, especially for more than one, you’ll need easy access to your kitchen utensils including pots and pans. Open style storage then is the easy answer. You can hang your pots and pans on a rack above you and use magnetic strips for your knives. You’ll find that you also free up some space in your cupboards by doing this, which you can then use for other items so your workspace is free and devoid of clutter.

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Navid Hamzeloo