Tips For Choosing A Luxury Kitchen Designer

If you’re looking to create a luxury kitchen design, then it’s going to be important to you to choose someone who has experience in creating luxury kitchens. They should come with the expertise, creativity and skills to create something really special, so what should you look out for?

You’ll need someone who can work to time and also be aware of your budget and not go over, a skilled designer who can use the right materials to achieve the look you’re trying to achieve.


Always look for word-of-mouth recommendations. Ask your friends, family if they’ve ever used anyone that worked on their kitchen and did an excellent job as well as providing good customer service. Also try and act on any reviews you see on their website, speak to previous clients and ask them what they thought of their work.

Look out for any information on their website on awards and reviews, have they received industry awards, check them out, are they real, and if they are, this means your potential kitchen designers are providing work to a high standard.

An excellent portfolio

They should come with an excellent portfolio, but ask them to see it, don’t just rely on what you see on their website. What you should be looking for is variation, versatility and a high standard of workmanship. Are they adaptable, do they have a full understanding of their client’s needs?

Ability to feedback on your ideas

Once you’ve found a potential kitchen designer you’d like to work with, you want to find someone who will give sensible feedback on your ideas. If they don’t feel some of it will work due to a variety of reasons e.g. the size of the kitchen, the choice of materials, then they should be experienced enough to be able to offer advice on a feasible, practical alternative. He/She should be willing to help you create a kitchen that’s as close as possible to your ideal, and encourage you to accept alternative ideas that are perhaps similar to your original ones even if they can’t be the same.

Flexible and Skilled

They should also be flexible and as the process develop there may be changes, perhaps you’ll have changed your mind about certain aspect and want to suggest subtle changes to the overall design, if they’re a skilled craftsman, then they should be able and willing to accommodate any changes. They should understand your vision and give you feedback on any alternative concepts either they or you come up with.


As we mentioned earlier budget is important, and if you have one you need to stick to, then your designer should be able to complete your vision and ideal kitchen within budget. If they can’t then they should be able to explain sensibly why this isn’t the case and offer alternatives that work just as well.

Access to great materials

A good kitchen designer, if they’re working towards a luxury high-end kitchen, should have access to the best materials and brands. They should be able to create finishes and work with innovative materials that give your kitchen the wow factor you’ve been looking for.

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Getting the Most Out of a Small Kitchen

If you’re planning on a complete refurb and you want to make the most of the space because it’s quite small, then this week’s post should be of interest to you. We’re going to be talking about how to make the most of a small kitchen and maximise the space. A small kitchen doesn’t have to be a disaster, with some imagination and clever kitchen design, you can create the perfect kitchen that doesn’t look cramped and tiny. If you’re struggling with the size of your kitchen, then you can’t afford to miss our tips and guidance this week.


If you have a small kitchen, then darker colours aren’t a good idea. They will only help to make your kitchen look even smaller so opt for brighter neutral shades. It will help it look fresh and more spacious, you can also choose a fitted kitchen in a lighter colour too so you really lighten up the entire room.


Lighting is crucial in any room, but in an area where there’s not much space, where you place the lights and what type of lights you use is something you should think about carefully. Opt for brighter lights in the cooking and food prep area with lights over worktop surfaces so you can see what you’re doing. In the dining area, if you eat in the kitchen, use more ambient, softer lighting for a more relaxed feel.

Storage Space

Make the most of storage space in the kitchen, and by doing so you’ll be able to free up your workspaces so there’s less clutter lying about. When there’s less clutter you’ll have more space in which to work and prepare food and your kitchen will seem like it has more room. You can also create open-out cupboard spaces where you can store things that would normally have to sit on top of a work surface. Because they close into a fitted space it means they never take up much room and can be shut away when not in use.


More space can be created by removing white goods and placing them in a dedicated room. This way by removing the washing machine and tumbler dryer, you’ll create more storage space.

Stand-Out Features

Although you’re aiming for a more light and minimalist approach you can still have one or two signature items in your kitchen that gives it that unique touch. You could opt for some impressive tiles or perhaps elegant flooring that gives your kitchen that final edge.

You could aim to create on impressive sink with a tap feature so your kitchen really stands out, while still having those light and more spacious elements.

LPD Kitchens – Innovative Ideas and the Best in Luxury Kitchens

Get in touch with us here at LPD Kitchens if you have any further questions. We’re here to help and have a dedicated team with the expertise and knowledge to guide you.

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Must-Have Luxury Kitchen Design Features

If you’re refurbishing your kitchen, then there are certain must-have items you need to make it a complete whole. There are some features which are a necessity if you’re trying to create a luxury kitchen, and we’ve got it covered in today’s post, so read on to find out what items you should be thinking about.

Double Oven

Yes, if you’re going to give the impression of opulence then a double oven is the way to go. As well as helping to provide an abundance of food it will also provide some practical advantages such as providing one main oven which won’t cause any bending and a second, one beneath it for addition cooking and baking.

It probably makes sense to spend a little more on your cooking appliance especially if you enjoy cooking and baking. It’s popular to add restaurant features to a kitchen, so a few high-end items so you can bring another level of expertise to the table is a good option.


A dishwasher is a must for a luxury kitchen helping you to keep on top of dirty dishes, and if you want, why not create dishwasher drawers instead of a dishwasher, they’re perfectly useful for cleaning a few dishes after dinner.

Clear Work Surfaces

If you’re going to create a luxury kitchen, then plenty of clean open space with plenty of work surfaces is a good idea. Stainless steel is one option as it’s easy to clean and it’s not too expensive, while still giving the illusion of luxury. If you feel it’s too cold and clinical then why not go for granite or stone, or perhaps wood even. Create enough work to prepare food, cook, read, entertain or work, it’s your kitchen so create as much space as you need.


Although we’ve already discussed the advantages of a dishwasher, they’re not always ideal. Iron cookware, quality knives and non-stick items can’t go in one, so you’ll always need a sink, and the bigger the better. A large, deep professional kitchen is always a great option, because you can wash all these types of items in it, and if you invest in a strong, industry type hose tap you’ll be able to really blast away stubborn stains.

Warming Drawer

A warming drawer is great for keeping food warm and for helping dough to rise and of course you can use them to heat up the plates prior to serving.


When you’re cooking, especially for more than one, you’ll need easy access to your kitchen utensils including pots and pans. Open style storage then is the easy answer. You can hang your pots and pans on a rack above you and use magnetic strips for your knives. You’ll find that you also free up some space in your cupboards by doing this, which you can then use for other items so your workspace is free and devoid of clutter.

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Expert Tips For Designing a Luxury Kitchen

Perhaps your kitchen is looking a little tired and you’ve decided to replace it with something new and special. What you can do is turn it into a luxury kitchen that speaks volumes for your personal taste and style. You can create the effects of a luxury kitchen without having a massive budget, it’s simply a case of shopping more carefully.

Of course, you’ll need to start at the beginning, looking through various interior design magazines both in print and online. This should give you an idea of what you like and how you’ll want your kitchen to look. You can take tips from a variety of different designs, that way you can create a mix of different styles that have caught your eye to form one unique luxury kitchen.


You may want a countertop, a centre piece for your kitchen where you can cook, prepare food and even eat at if you don’t want to use a separate eating area. Your surface can be anything from marble to quartz and it will largely depend on your budget and how much you’re willing to spend. Always finish off a surface with protective coating so your surface will be able to withstand hot pans and plates, and that way it’ll last longer.


Your cabinets will need a luxury feel and you’re going to go for something that suits your personal style naturally. That may be either classic or contemporary. A darker wood is fashionable right now with open shelving, but fashions change, so if you really want to keep your kitchen style up with what’s bang on trend, change it very 5 years or so, if your budget allows.

Luxury Appliances For Luxury Kitchens

Your appliances will need to be updated as part of your luxury kitchen, so think about hobs and all the latest gadgets available, including induction cooking with ceramic hobs as opposed to coils, and add a really sophisticated touch to your kitchen. Think too about clever ventilation systems so you lose smoke and fumes from cooking, this could mean being able to discard the ugly ventilation hoods. Investing in state of the art appliances can save you money in the long-term because you could save on energy bills. And of course, they look great!

Don’t forget the kitchen flooring

Don’t let your floor let your kitchen down, it’s as important as the rest of the fixtures and fittings. Carpets and rugs aren’t really a great idea in the kitchen, for as well having the potential to get dirty quickly, they can also cause accidents. But there’s some exciting choices out there for flooring such as tiles, and they come in a variety of different patterns and colours. However, if you have a small budget, you could go for linoleum which is always a striking look. It’s much better made now than it was back in the 60s and there’s a huge variety of textures, patterns and colours to choose from, giving you the option of a luxury floor on a budget.

LDP Kitchens – for stylish well-made luxury kitchens

If you want to speak to someone about having a luxury kitchen fitted, if you have any questions about what we’ve discussed today, then get in touch. We’re the premier kitchen fitters of choice and we’d love to be the ones you choose to help you get that dream kitchen you’ve always wanted.

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